Wiktor Giedroyc-Juraha: I spur everybody on taking a part in next edition of this contest!

Contest photo: Wiktor Giedroyc-Juraha, General Maczek’s Monument in Beveren

About the “Who liberated this town?” contest I found out from my teacher from Polish School in Antwerp. 

During the winning stay in Warsaw we visited many interesting places, that taught us a lot about the history – such as the Warsaw Uprising Museum. We also visited the biggest attractions of Warsaw, e.g. Palace of Culture & Science, the Kopernik Science Centre or Zlote Tarasy.

1st Polish Armored Division Square


To sum up, the stay was good organized and nicely spent! For fure I’m spuring everybody on taking a part in the next edition of this contest

Wiktor Giedroyc-Juraha



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