Photo contest “Who liberated this town?” has finished!

The photo contest 📸 “Who liberated this town?” (Belgian 🇧🇪 edition) has officialy finished!

Here is the list of authors who: gave the right answers to all the questions and which have gained the highest number of likes (data: 01/09, 2pm).

🏆 1st place –110 – Celine Lauwaerts
🥈 2nd place- 71 – Olivia Herda
🥉 3rd place – 64 – Ewa Romaniak 
🏅4th place – 63 – Wojciech Romaniak
🏅5th place- 12 – Wiktor Giedroyc-Juraha
🏅6th place – 10 – Jurgen Dignef


As promised, the winners will go to fantastic trip to 🛫 Warsaw, the capital of Poland – the motherland of General Stanislaw Maczek and gallant soldiers of his Polish 1st Armoured Division.

Correct answers:
  1. What nationality was General Maczek, who in 1944 liberated one (or more) of the above mentioned towns? – ✅ Polish
  2. In which of these towns is located a memorial site/object related to General Maczek or to his Armoured Division; give the name of the town and exact address of the memorial site/object? – ✅ Participants choice (with prove on photos), e,g. Tielt, Beveren, Lommel, Roeselare
  3. In which town is located the Canadian-Polish Museum, dedicated to soldiers who were commanded by general Maczek? – ✅ Adegem


📌 We want to thank all participants and invite others to take part in contest next year! 📌 

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